FAQABOSS: Processors

Every system mentioned in the FAQABOSS uses SPARC processors. SPARC is an acronym for scalable processor architecture. SPARC International owns the SPARC standards and SPARC trademark. Sun and other companies--including Fujitsu and Ross (now BridgePoint)--have designed their own implementations based on various version of the SPARC specification. Those implementations may then be manufactured by yet other companies; Texas Instruments, for example, has long been Sun's principle CPU fabricator.

Older Sun systems--members of the Sun 1, Sun 2, and Sun 3 product lines--use Motorola's 68000 series of processors. By the time the '040 was available, Sun had committed itself to SPARC and had released the first systems built around it.

Last modified on March 29, 2001, by Brian L. Brush.