FAQABOSS: Objective & Introduction

This document has two intended audiences:

  1. Those who are unfamiliar with Sun hardware but might be interested in obtaining some.
  2. Those who want some Sun hardware but need advice on what to buy.

For the first group, I try to provide a sufficient amount of background information to understand the recommendations that follow. For the second, I offer my own evaluations and suggestions.

As I concentrate on practical issues, I neglect systems and other hardware worthy of primarily technical or historical interest. For specifications, historical perspectives, and other matters, see the resources at SunHELP.

Likewise, I ignore new products currently available from vendors; information on them is easily found on news groups and web sites.

Furthermore, I provide no specific pricing information; prices vary geographically and fluctuate too rapidly for me to track them here.

Finally, I express my thanks to Bill Bradford and SunHELP for kindly hosting this document.

Last modified on March 29, 2001, by Brian L. Brush.